Agenda – Day 1 – Nextv Ad Dach

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Nextv Ad Dach - Agenda Day 1 - Thursday 25th November 2021

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Advanced advertising on HbbTV: DACH markets lead the way in Europe

  • HbbTV standards deployment in DACH market & equipped households
  • Telco operators & HbbTV based ad products
  • Optimizing dynamic linear ad insertion on HbbTV standards: HbbTV-TA & DVB-TA

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Advanced ad products & strategies on AVOD pure players

  • OTT players’ business models: AVOD, freemium, hybridization with TVOD/PVOD…
  • Commercial strategy: programmatic DSP vs direct ad sales
  • Ad insertion & UX optimization: CSAI vs SSAI
  • Interactive ads
  • Brand safety on the big screen

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Targeted ads & regulation compliance: how are data managers securing viewers’ information

  • How is the GDPR shaping data collection & management on a digital environment?
  • KPIs measurement on connected TVs
  • Consent frameworks on TV screens
  • Third party data integration 
  • Opportunities from programmatic advertising on the big screen

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Addressable ads on pay TV platforms: European operators are entering the advertising industry

  • Deploying addressable advertising on pay TV reception
  • Revenue sharing between operators & broadcasters
  • New ad formats for linear and catch up: channel switching, new screen  
  • Operators ad sales deployment

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Broadcasters' advanced advertising offers on DtoC OTT players

  • DtoC OTT strategies from operators & broadcasters
  • Opportunities for OTT pay TV pure players in DACH markets
  • Ad sales model: programmatic DSP vs direct ad sales
  • Advanced advertising products on digital players & cross devices campaigns

Time to be announced soon

A new era for ad campaigns’ performances measurement: how to upscale ad efficiency

  • Measuring viewability of ad spots on connected/addressable TV screens
  • Up-scaling granularity of audience metrics through third party data integration
  • Tracking viewers’ consumption patterns through advertisers’ CRM onboarding
  • Technical solutions for KPIs measuring & reporting